Energize Your Sole

Arch Activation

Our unique progressive in shoe system will activate your arch to relieve pain and improve balance and performance.

Benefits of Barefoot Science

  • Pain Relief & Recovery

    Natural pain relief from common ailments like plantar fasciitis, shin splints, corns, bunions, flat feet, over pronation, and ankle, knee, hip and back pain. We offer a easy, natural, non-invasive and affordable option for pain relief. 

    The progressive system helps atrophied muscles recover after injury or surgery which can aid healing time.  

  • Improved Balance & Performance

    Improve on static and dynamic balance in any situation from playing sports to steadying yourself on the train.  It also re-educates the neuromuscular system and enhances proprioception important for stroke and peripheral neuropathy recovery. A natural performance enhancer for athletes. 

  • Recharge Your Feet

    This system strengthens your feet so they can support and cushion themselves. Proper alignment for movement equals efficientcy and energy.  


Why Barefoot Science?

Barefoot Science is a seven-level progressive system that stimulates the medial arch to activate the arch and simulate a variable surface in any shoe.  This helps the user move their feet more like nature intended and reduces the insulation between the foot and the ground, providing more ground control and feedback between the feet and the brain. It is the only progressive insole which acts as a proprioceptive device and addresses many common problems like lack of overall foot strength, balance, plantar fasciitis, flat feet, and proprioception deficits caused by peripheral neuropathy or stroke.  
Our insoles provide a low risk, affordable, timely, and natural solution to many challenges that come with poor foot and ankle knowledge, maintenance, and health.  

How Does The Barefoot Science System Work?

The Barefoot Science system is much like an exercise program. 

Each system comes with 4 to 7 Levels that inserts into the insole's mid arch dome. Think of these levels as "weights" in the exercise program. With each level you go up, the harder your foot works and is stimulated. 

As the foot is stimulated it builds strength in the foot's supportive muscle groups and turns on the proprioceptive receptors, building neuromuscular pathways from the feet to the brain. 

Each level is worn until you can't feel the pressure from the level in the dome in both feet, this can take between 4 to 7 days, or possibly more depending on your general physical preparedness. 

When Will I See Results?

Results are normally reported within 300 steps on the first level. 

Have a look at this video to see for yourself how fast you could get results.

To get the maximum results for pain relief, stride efficiency, and balance improvements strive to reach level 7 of the Therapeutic model. 

Will They Fit In All Shoes?

Barefoot Science will fit in almost any shoe with one of the two options of a full length or a 3/4 length. 

The full length is good for a shoe that is most used and with a removable liner. 

The 3/4 length is good for if you are changing the system from one shoe to another or if the liner can not be removed. This is also a good for any shoes with a small or low toe box like a ski or snowboard boot or heeled shoes. 

How Is Barefoot Science Different From An Traditional Orthotic?

Traditional orthotics or insoles are designed to brace or cushion the arch. Barefoot Science is designed to help the foot become self supportive by stimulating the foot as if it was in a barefoot environment and in a progressive manner. 

An orthotic can even be compared to a cast on a broken arm. The goal of the cast is to remove it, and have the arm function on its own. Because orthotics focus on bracing rather than strengthening, the foot depends on the orthotic to keep a neutral position that was imaged in a static state. This is not ideal for guiding the foot to function on its own in a dynamic environment.  

This is not to say that there is not a place for orthotics in severe cases, however orthotics are at times over prescribed. 

Who Benefits from Barefoot Science?

The simple answer is everyone. 

However, trades people, hospitality workers, and medical workers, or occupations with a high step count benefit a lot from our system. 

Athletes from all sports, especially ones with pedaling, running and lifting find Barefoot Science a natural performance enhancer by helping them move more efficiently and balanced. Lastly the improved body alignment lessens the chance for injury, especially from repeated movements like running.  

Fitting Help

Fitting the insole properly is imperative for success with the system. Improper fitting will lead to pressure points and discomfort. Take out any previous liners in the shoe, even a thin liner can cause problems with the Barefoot Science system. The insole needs to sit as low and flat as possible in the shoe. If the sides of the insole are touching the toe or sides of the shoe and making the insole buckle or bend in any way be sure to trim the insole to fit.  Should you have troubles with the product please reach out to us and we can help you troubleshoot to find a solution.   

Have a look at this video for more fitting tips. 

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Fitting Tips

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