Barefoot Science Explained by Scott Grisewood

Scott Grisewood explains what sets Barefoot Science apart. 

Barefoot Science is the original proprioceptive strengthening system for the feet

It is a non- orthotic because it is a stimulant

The dome is designed to stimulate the mid-arch of the foot

When we stimulate the mid-arch of the foot it improves balance and performance

It progressively strengthens that system by using a series of plugs that are inserted into the underside of the dome

Each time we step down on that dome, the mid arch is being stimulated

Barefoot Science brings the natural surface the foot would experience if we were without shoes walking on a natural surface. Each step we take something would be stimulating the mid arch

With shoes, there is no mid arch stimulation. The dome brings a natural surface into the shoes.

Barefoot Science provides the same stimulus as if you were walking without shoes on a natural surface like grass or sand.

The science tells us that over time we improve balance, posture, and performance

With over 20 years of using Barefoot Science, there has been a significant amount of athletic performances improve as far as personal bests go for runners and strength athletes

 We are able to monitor change using technology in this lab that shows the quality of the movement cycle improves over time when mid arch stimulation is applied