The How and Why of Barefoot Science

Why Barefoot Science?

The most efficient and best way to move is in bare feet, but not everyone wants to walk and run without protection. Also, for many occupations it is mandatory to wear shoes. This is why we came up with Barefoot Science. This progressive system simulates barefoot movement without the insulation of shoes. Even the thinnest sole restricts the bottom of the foot from stimulus that activates the foot to a fore foot grip and turns on proprioceptive receptors.  

With Barefoot Science in the shoe the user reaps the benefits of barefoot movement and stimulation while wearing shoes that protect the feet. 

How Does The System Work?

The Barefoot Science system is much like an exercise program. 

Each system comes with 4 to 7 Levels that inserts into the insole's mid arch dome. Think of these levels as "weights" in the exercise program. With each level you go up, the harder your foot works and is stimulated. 

As the foot is stimulated it builds strength in the foot's supportive muscle groups and turns on the proprioceptive receptors, building neuromuscular pathways from the feet to the brain. 

Each level is worn until you can't feel the pressure from the level in the dome in both feet, this can take between 4 to 7 days, or possibly more depending on your general physical preparedness.